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Stop Getting Penalty Points For Your Golf Driving

driving_rangeStop getting penalty points for your golf driving. Oh no, you have done it again, you have driven your ball across the fairway and deep into the rough. You know from where your ball has landed that the next shot will be difficult and you could lose one or more strokes trying to play your ball out and back onto the fairway. Or if your ball is unplayable you can take a drop shot measured by two long club lengths from the edge of the rough area, either way you will be awarded a penalty stroke.

Losing games because your driving from the Tee box or the fairway is inexcusable. There is no need for any golfer to lose games because of this, yet most of us do. So what can be done to correct this problem? Answer, lots of things can be done.

For example, When was the last time you asked for and had professional lessons?

When did you last go to the driving range?

How do you prepare for your golf game? Do you just arrive ten minutes before Tee off time, grab your clubs out of the trunk of your car and head straight over to the first Tee box? Is this beginning to sound familiar. If it is, well shame on you. It is no surprise then that you keep getting penalty points for your golf driving.

It is nothing new for you to be told that every sport involving physical activity requires the athlete to spend time warming up their muscles and training their mind to focus on what the task is ahead. Do you agree with me on this? I hope you do, but if you do not then stop reading this very important article right now and continue being a mediocre player struggling to win in every game you play.

The best chance you can give yourself to win comes from being prepared properly for your game. In other words, arrive at the golf course a good half hour before your game. Lose the habit of rushing to the first Tee box late and totally unfocused. If you arrive early you can begin your warm up drills, you can practice your swings so you will not be hitting your first drive on a wing and a prayer in the hope it will stay straight and land in the middle of the fairway.

If you want to avoid in future getting penalty points for your golf driving, then begin now to take responsibility for your bad habits and start correcting them into winning ways right now. If you don’t other players will ignore you and will only ask you to play if they can find no one else. Do you want that?